Royal Ascot

When it comes to race venues in Durham there is plenty to offer and we can start with the Sedgefield Racecourse which hosts well over twenty races per year and they can cater for all forms of parties. Many of the events include the cocktail party, ladies day out, games and country fair and also events like the Miss Durham final.

Many of the packages include their thirteen private suites all with balcony views and also TV monitors as well. The various packages include race cards, lunch and bar facilities, admission to the grand stand and there is also the Bistro Restaurant as well as the Silk Restaurant as well. They even go as far as providing decorations, gifts and also personalised memorabilia. There is the platinum, gold and also the silver package and prices range from sixty five pounds and go right up to eight five pounds. You can download a full brochure via their websites.

Durham also has a big rowing tradition and this mainly takes place in the River Wear. The events include the 700 metre event and also the peninsula as well. Many of the rowing clubs include the Durham University Boat Club, Durham School Boat Club, and Durham Amateur Rowing Club.